Two months out


I did not see Roy on a daily or even a monthly basis. Like everyone else, we were preoccupied with our own daily chores and routines. So, over the past 2 months it's been easier for me to busy myself with work and to pretend that Roy's still here, busily tending to his many projects and responsibilities over at the Center and beyond.

Now that the semester's winding down and the season's first snow has arrived (at least here in northern Virginia), I'm might just be ready to stop and remember Roy instead of waiting to see him one more time--at one more faculty meeting, one more picnic, one more job candidate's dinner (coating a salad with salt).

I relied upon Roy's presence (and am now feeling his absence) in so many ways, both spoken and unspoken. He was the soul of our department.

During my first years on the job, Roy provided comfort and reassurance during moments of uncertainty and self-doubt. He was a much respected senior colleague, who listened like a trusted friend--a personal quality for which I will always be grateful and which I will never forget.

Thank you, Roy, for everything--your humor, intelligence, creativity, integrity, dedication, and, most of all, your compassion and kindness. Peace.


Michael Chang, “Two months out,” Thanks, Roy, accessed June 17, 2024,

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