Staffing a Card Table


I first met Roy at the OAH in St Louis in 1989 when I was a grad student. He was staffing the Radical History Review card table outside the main exhibition area selling subscriptions. I introduced myself and told him I had read his article on, from memory, the Toledo Auto-Lite strike. As I recall he offered advice on sources for my then project. Over the years since I have exchanged an email or two with Roy. I never thought of myself as in Roy's circle of friends, large as that was, but he responded to my emails with help and friendship. I was shocked to hear of his death since I had emailed him two weeks before and received a prompt reply and like so many others had no idea he was ill. My thoughts are with those who knew Roy well and who must be having a terrible hole in their lives with his passing.



“Staffing a Card Table,” Thanks, Roy, accessed August 19, 2022,

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