Remembering Roy, 2000-2007


As he was to so many people, Roy was a wonderful mentor, friend, and scholar. I first met Roy in January 2000, when I was considering returning to do my Ph.D. I made my way from DC to the wilds of far-off Fairfax to take his postwar America seminar at GMU. Six and a half years later, though several classes, independent readings, many meetings at Murky Coffee and elsewhere, I defended my dissertation with Roy--proud to have him as the chair of my committee--after having passed my orals with him.

Gentleness and scholarly prowess, kindness and academic rigor, student-centered teaching and professional accomplishment do not often go together -- but Roy was a model of how to bring this rare combination of scholarship, humanity, and pegagogy into one true gem of a person.

It is hard to imagine not seeing and talking with Roy again, as all of our talks were so enjoyable and enriching, but he, and what he contributed to my life, always will be with me.

-- Andrew Yarrow


Andrew Yarrow, “Remembering Roy, 2000-2007,” Thanks, Roy, accessed March 2, 2024,

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