Contributed By Mary Zamon


I am one of those teachers/adjuncts who benefited from Roy's ideas and imagination. CHNM materials were used in my classes and courses as soon as I heard about them! I remember a rickety av cart with about 15 wires, a discarded CPU and boat anchor monitor, an elderly projector and shaking internet that I wheeled into a classroom --the base reason was to get authentic and primary materials in front of my students and teach them what a wonderful set of tools they had -
I firmly believe that he made a difference in how I was able to teach, and how my students were able to learn. How else was I going to find the resources to intrigue fashion design or athletic training majors in the required western civ course?
Plus I was expanding my views of history and learning myself-
When I met him for an interview in the first year of the new PhD program I was impressed with his ideas and goals- and still have a twinge of regret for not following that path- I am just now completing my PhD in Education and feel that his support for good teaching will be a part of what ever else I do.
He was hospitable with the visitors I had occasion to bring over and never tired of talking about his work.
Thank you Roy- you made a real difference to those of us on the base line as well as those at higher levels of the profession.