My Brother Roy

Contributed By Robin Rosenzweig Schkrutz


It has been comforting to read how many lives Roy touched in such a variety of wonderful ways.

Being Roy’s sister, I always thought he was the “brother extraordinaire”, who was always there when I needed him. I will miss him arriving to visit and asking if we could put up a pot of coffee (even at 11PM). Anything that was of importance to you in your life, was of importance to Roy.

It amazes me that his family only knew about one quarter of his professional accomplishments. Roy never made a big deal out of anything he had done. We will always cherish seeing him receive the Lyman award at the Library of Congress.

Roy has always been the teacher, the one showing the way. So it really comes as no surprise that he taught us that the best way to travel in this world, was to be kind and caring about others. And when it comes down to who we are, that is really all that is important.

Roy I will miss you more than you’ll ever know. Thanks Roy for being so you, up until the very end.