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Speech written by Tony Rosenzweig, for the Celebration of Roy's Life, December 9, 2007.

Take notice of the dark shirt. It was most probably RED.

This is a second picture from that evening at the Pohick Module on October 3, 2001. Roy is talking to Dee Holisky. In the background are Bob Hawkes and Paula Petrik.

This is a picture I took in the second incarnation of the Center for History and New Media (the Pohick Module) on October 3, 2001. Note the shirt--what a surprise!

Roy liked not to have to think about clothes, and he was a man of habits. Left alone, he'd of worn nothing but jeans and red shirts

A very rough first take--I'll probably polish it up when I get time. Although to be honest, writing a piece of music for Roy is sort of like painting a landscape for Ray Charles. Roy would appreciate the gesture, I'm sure.

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